Retail Therapy by House of Spiff

 "Whoever said money can't buy you happiness, simply didn't know where to go shopping" – Bo Derek

We may not always be avid shoppers but we know the joy of trying on new stuff that fit, not just our bodies but also our wallets.

Valerie Diete-Spiff founder of House-of-spiff retail house on Dulwich London,shares with EVIA Woman her love for fashion, retail and well, looking good.

House of Spiff fashion house is a luxury fashion company specialising in Retail and wholesale for luxury branded accessories products are available online and from their store in Dulwich.

EW: What drives you as an entrepreneur?

I’m driven by the need to be successful, and to pass on a bit of luxury. The buzz I get from sourcing products at great prices and to be able to pass that on to my clients. The satisfaction I get from the appreciation is my driving factor.

EW: Why retail? And why High end?

Retail is my passion; I’ve always been drawn to different aspects of retail. The idea of transacting goods and services comes naturally to me. I absolutely love it; I wake up almost every day with a new business idea and make notes. I have chosen high end retail, because I believe luxury should be experienced by all therefore more accessible. In this current financial climate, people have become wiser and savvy and want better value or more justification for their purchases; high end at discounted affords this opportunity.

EW: How did you get into the retailing business?

From the age of 18, I always worked part time in fashion retail whilst studying, working only with brands I adored and valued from jewellery to lingerie to clothing. This taught me a lot about the fashion retail industry and customer service. On the side, I was always entrepreneurial, selling jewellery pieces to friends and family. I have worked with La Senza, Swarovski, H. Samuel, Karen Millen and many more.

EW: Can you say that clothes, fashion and shopping for both are a real passion for you?

Yes, I think I do have a passion for fashion. I have always loved clothes and accessories. I have always been a shopaholic but now a bargainista. My experience in modelling also fuelled my love for fashion and style.  My style is very feminine but working in the fashion industry allows me to adapt to the needs of others. I enjoy sourcing the products and helping clients style their outfits.

I have a great talent of sourcing products at a discounted price. I have always been a shopaholic and I realised that I bought only because they were great products at great prices and didn’t necessary need them. So I decided to apply these talents to business by sourcing great products for others, kind of like a concierge service. Then from there I bought in bulk started a sales event, and now a shop. And as they say the rest is history.

EW: Does the brand matter? Like really?

Well it depends, certain brands stand for different things like Status, Heritage, Wealth, Style, Fun, and so on. Think Burberry and you think British, heritage, check, quality. Think Primark and you think cheap, disposable on-trend-fashion.  This doesn’t mean you can’t shop both. It is about knowing what you want, what you like, and the look you are trying to achieve. My style is a mixture of fun and classic so I have my fun pieces that I may want to dispose of later on so I’m careful how much I spend on these pieces. However, my classics and timeless pieces I am more willing to indulge and invest as they may be with me forever. I believe everyone should have a piece of quality item in their closet.

EW:Tell us about House of Spiff

House of Spiff provides an endless access to luxury labels at up to 75% off its retail price. Most of our products are end of season lines with occasionally current lines. We specialise in fashion accessories, which encompasses bags, wallets, shoes, jewellery, sunglasses, hats, and clothing when there are great gems to be had. At House of Spiff all our handbags and accessories are 100% genuine. We buy in bulk, directly from the licensed manufactures and suppliers which allows us to pass on huge savings to our customers. In terms of authenticity certification, all our products come with various means of demonstrating their authenticity – ranging from holographic markings on sunglasses, certificates of authenticity, branded care leaflets, and manufacturers and brand labelling. We also endeavour to work with suppliers to represent the brands in the best possible way. 

House of spiffs 3 must haves for the pathetic shopaholic

·         A classic timeless bag that’s a staple get this in black or brown and this can go with anything. Good size that can go from day to night. I recommend a bowling bag or a doctor’s bag.  Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana and Fendi are good for these.

·         Good comfortable stylish shoes probably a court or peep-toe which can go from day-to-night

·         Classic shape dress: shift dress, empire line or fitted dress.