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It’s a few months to EVIA’s première voyage and I’ve been having a series of creativity and ideas block, muddled up with bursts of excitement, anxiety attacks, sighs of relief and then the fear of failure to launch (no pun intended). Does that even make sense? Maybe I’m having what I’ve recently learned to be called Productive Obsessing or it’s a strong case of Creative Gestation. All in all these blues are making me pig out on all that my hands get grab from the tea-boy! Or maybe that’s just the weather. Well, in a few weeks I’ll disappear for a few days - off to sunny Accra - much like Lagos but with cleaner air – good for my skin. God bless my husband.

It’s heating up already at EVIA and we haven’t even had the first photo shoot! I’m beginning also to realise that I might suffer from a mild case of ADHD. I keep hopping up and down and my espresso intake has almost tripled. I’m on overdrive, but with little advances – rocking chair business all this movement and not enough miles covered. Ok I lie, we have made progress - you’re reading the blog aren’t ya? ;-)

Right now I’m working on the structure of issue 1 – and yep! You guessed it, the page is blank. Not the ideas pull, that one is an unending list of what I can put onto the pages of EVIA, check this out! I actually have a red folder-thing. Not the ring binders, but just a book where I can clip ideas on! I think I’m trying to get into the Miranda Priestly-frame of mind! You know what’s funny? Were not even going to be a printed magazine! LAWD HELP ME! I think I just need to see EVIA when I wake up to wee at night and until I can convince UG to have a slide show playing all-night on our TV screen, the red folder will do. She’s like my blanky!

Bon! I promised you a story so far gist, so here goes. So far I have four fantastic contributors, whom under normal circumstances I probably would not be able to afford! But well, I sold the dream appropriately and they’re in! I have some fantastic forward thinking beauty consultants, fashion and graphic designers, prospective clients and ofcourse vous, mes Amies! (You my friends) my most esteemed consumers/ readers/ viewers… I’m feeling really confident that all of you combined can give us that edge – over our competitors – oh who, incidentally I will often refer to as ‘legion’ for they are many!